ZZUNS is a fashion brand established by Nathaly Pater. She was born and raised in the Caribbean, on the beautiful island Curacao. As a child she was always interested in art. Drawing everything that caught her attention. At the age of 16 she moved to The Netherlands where she finished her education.

Nathaly attended the Art Academy in Den Bosch, AKV St. Joost, where she followed Graphic Design. After that she attended the Art Academy in Utrecht, HKU, where she majored in Illustration. Soon after graduating she started to work at a small company as a Graphic Designer. But quickly she noticed that this wasn't her passion. In the summer of 2008 Nathaly started small with a t-shirt line. On the set of her first photoshoot she found her calling.

In 2010 the summer of 2010 Nathaly gave her first fashion show as a Fashion Designer. ZZUNS as a fashion brand was born! ZZUNS is her abbreviation for Zunzuncito. This is how the Cubans call the island's indigenous bee hummingbird, the smallest of all birds. This little colorful, playful and fast moving bird is Nathaly's trademark. She identifies herself with bird. As colorful and playful and always moving from inspiration to inspiration, her own nectar. Since 2010 Nathaly worked together with different photographers on numerous projects as a stylist and designed for private costumers. Next to this, ZZUNS showed at several fashion events, including Salone della Moda, one of Holland's most prestigious fashion event. ZZUNS was also published in several domestic and international magazines.

ZZUNS represent women who are strong and confident, unafraid to be different and show off their bodies in a classy way. To be feminine in Nathaly's eyes doesn't mean to show a lot of skin, but to create a style of your own which compliments your womanly features. Nathaly aim just to achieve that. As a fashion designer Nathaly Pater not only wants to make beautiful clothes, but also create a sense of confidence. She believes that every woman should feel beautiful. In her own words: “there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself. Always wear a good dose of self-esteem and humility”



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